Billing in a modern way – get full control of your business

Reduce the workload and get a better overview

With Settled, you easily manage settlement to your members and external suppliers. It is easy to mix order imports from several pre-systems and bill together.

Via the project module, which has been expanded to handle invoicing of imported orders/invoices, you get a good overview of your projects.

Key features

Import of documents/transactions

Settled supports the import of quotations, orders and invoices. Both for sales and purchases. Financial transactions can be imported as journal or invoice.

Attachments such as images or pdfs can be linked to orders and attached to invoicing.


  • Fixed and variable costs.
  • Settings per provider/resource
  • Preview
  • Expenses per supplier/resource
  • Advance
  • Negative settlements

Project connection

When importing orders/invoices/settlement transactions with project numbers, project transactions are created for these for a simple overview of the projects.

The project data can also be easily synced to external systems for follow-up.


Settled provides the opportunity to immediately review upcoming settlements. No processing transactions or the like are needed.

Everything is directly accessible with a link to the original documents for easy follow-up.

Synchronization with optional systems

Choose which data is synchronized and when.

E.g. change of customer register to two pre-systems, dimensions to others and invoicing/payment events to their original systems.

Full logging/traceability​

All import and processing of imported documents, accounting, payment, etc. are saved in a transaction log so you can easily track all events.

Unlimited system connections

You can set up any number of pre-systems and individually control what should happen during import (delivery, invoicing, synchronization, etc.).

Examples of pre-systems can be Tracs Flow, Opter, Next, or Tapnet.

Automatic flows

Choose what should happen during import. For example, orders from Tracs Flow must be delivered, invoices from Next must be posted and a purchase order must be sent for review.

Scheduling jobs

Choose to postpone e.g. printing of documents, processing of files etc. to make the system even more responsive.